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WHO WE ARE: A networking group for Christian women 

WHAT WE DO: We put our faith into action.  We aim to motivate women (ages 25 and older) to take actions that improve their lives as well as their relationships with the Lord. Likewise, we aim to educate young women (ages 12 to 24) on who they are in Christ and encourage their growth in Him.  

WHY WE DO IT: We use our gifts and resources for the following purposes: 1) to glorify God; 2) to augment traditional ministry efforts; 3) to address the needs of Christian women created by our transient society; 4) to facilitate relationship-building and create a sense of belonging amongst women in the Christian community; 5) to fill the generation gap and digital divide that exists with traditional church offerings; and 6) to make a concerted effort to share the gospel with teens, young adults and underserved segments of the population 


Powered by the Women of Worth network, 123 Women of Worth is the premiere media outlet dedicated to connecting and inspiring Christian women of every age to live their best lives now. This lifestyle website offers a unique blend of compelling content and interactive features that allow Christian women to network, exchange ideas, seek support and offer advice on topics ranging from faith and finance to fitness and fashion. 123 Women of Worth promotes positive behaviors and values that reinforce a commitment to Christ and the Christian way of life.  

VISION (How do we see ourselves?)

Inspiring Christian women everywhere to live their best lives now

MISSION (What is our self-imposed duty or charge?)

To help Christian women the world over live joyful, healthy, abundant lives

VALUES (What are our principles and standards?)

Character: We strive to demonstrate Christ-like character and values in every endeavor whether spiritual or secular and on every front whether in cyberspace or in the real marketplace.

Integrity: We believe in dealing fairly with individuals. We value our members and conduct ourselves honorably in doing business with them. Our behavior ensures that our team is worthy of trust.

Service: We strive for excellence in all that we do. We aim to provide exceptional and innovative services for our members thereby empowering their pursuit of joyful, healthy and abundant lives.  

Social Responsibility: We believe in being a responsible corporate citizen in the communities which we serve and the global community. We will support initiatives to provide solutions for issues affecting the populace and those designed to protect the natural resources of the community.

GOALS (What is our purpose? What are we striving to achieve?)

To educate women on principles of the Christian faith, finance, health, relationships and practical matters related to living productive lives 

To encourage women to pursue educational, professional and personal goals that will enable them to live joyful, healthy, abundant lives

To inspire women to reach their full potential and achieve seemingly impossible dreams 

To inform women of current events and resources that will facilitate their ability to be healthy and whole—mind, body, soul and spirit  

To promote faith, love, virtue, dignity, grace, beauty, integrity, strength, respect, culture, courage, wit and healthy self-esteem in women

OBJECTIVES (What will we do to achieve our goals?)

To Educate
o Publish faith-based articles/essays via the website
o Conduct studies of books/material produced by Christian authors/artists
o Share the gospel love of Jesus Christ with others as opportunities arise

To Encourage
o Pray with and for one another 
o Share personal testimonies (via interactive features of the site)
o Share encouragement via our sister site 123 Encourage Me.com

To Inspire
o Share Christian affirmations and words of encouragement
o Share strategies for success and/or victorious living 
o Publish inspirational content via the website
o Support material produced by inspirational authors/artists

To Inform
o Publish informational content via the website
o Distribute current events updates
o Distribute information related to employment, health, fitness, education, finance, housing,     
   relationships, travel, family life, entertainment and matters which facilitate prosperous living


Because we aim to galvanize Christian women everywhere, our statement of faith and primary focus will always be the principles that unite rather than divide us.  As such, we believe the following:

THE BIBLE: We believe the Holy Bible (both the Old and New Testaments) is the Word of God and its message is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

THE HOLY TRINITY: We believe that there is one True and Living God who exists in three distinct yet equal persons--God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  We believe that God is the Creator and Sustainer of everything including mankind, the universe and everything in it.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He was born of a virgin.  He lived a sinless life and He shed His blood on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins.  We believe that Christ died and God raised Him from the dead.  We believe that He is now seated at the right hand of God where He intercedes for us with the Father.  We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells within each of us and serves as our Comforter, Counselor and Guide.  He empowers us to accomplish God's will and to live lives that bring glory and honor to God.      

SALVATION THROUGH FAITH: We believe that salvation is necessary because of Original Sin and the only legitimate means of salvation is faith in Jesus Christ.  We believe that Jesus Christ sacrificed His life to atone for our sins and to reconcile us to God.  We believe that salvation is available freely to anyone who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  

THE ETERNAL KINGDOM: We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again to save our souls. We believe that those who repent of their sins and confess Christ as Lord will live with Him forever in His coming Kingdom.

We also believe that those who reject salvation through faith in Jesus Christ will suffer eternal damnation along with the evil one, Satan.

If you share our beliefs, we invite you to join our community.  Otherwise, we invite you to submit a prayer request as we'd love to pray for you.