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​                                         For Women (ages 25 and up)

The WoW Word for the Week features inspirational articles by Elle Bailey.  The articles challenge women to improve their lives by improving their relationships with the Lord.  

To view the current WoW Word for the Week, click here.   

                                     For Young Women (ages 12 to 24)

The Y-WoW Word for the Week also features inspirational articles by Elle Bailey.  The essays serve to educate young women on their identity in Christ and encourage their growth in Him.  

We're making a concerted effort to reach this segment of the population for the following reasons:

* The teen years are a difficult period for any number of reasons and today's teens are being bombarded with disturbing and conflicting messages from a variety of sources (e.g. media, entertainment, peers).  We want to share the truth of God's Word with young ladies in the 12 to 17 age group so that their naiveté and inexperience  don't leave them vulnerable to predators of every kind.

* The newfound freedom and choice associated with the 18 to 24 age group makes young ladies especially vulnerable to stepped up attacks from the enemy.  (Many Christians who stray from the faith do so while in this age group.)  In addition, the power of the purse puts young adults in position to indulge many of their desires.  Consequently, marketers and purveyors of things both good and bad know it and they work hard to capture this group while they’re young with the goal of hooking them for life.  Again, we want to share words of wisdom and encouragement to help young women start and stay on the right path over the course of their lives.    

To view the current Y-WoW Word for the Week, click here.
An amazing story of love and inspiration, redemption and reconciliation. To read more about Elle Bailey's debut novel, click here or visit her official website, ellebailey.com.  
An inspirational website dedicated to helping members renew their spirits, revive their dreams and rebuild their lives.  To visit our sister site, click here.
One of the fun things about Charlene, Lauryn and the ladies of Living Well is the sisterhood they share.  They're actively involved in each others' lives and loves offering opinions and advice both solicited and unsolicited.  Nowhere is that more evident than in the chapter titled "Sisters' Superlatives".  To read an excerpt, click here.  

If you're in need of the same type of sister wit that Lauryn and the girls shared with Charlene, send your question to Ask Elle.  She'll respond to your question directly via e-mail and, where permission is granted, we'll post select questions and responses to our blog for the benefit of other site members. 

In keeping with our goal of helping our members live well, we've provided links to information that may be used to help you and your loved ones prosper and experience good health even as your souls prosper for that is the will of God concerning you.